Lunar planting, anyone?

In the last meeting with the gardening group, the subject of lunar planting, or gardening by the phases of the moon, was brought up. That was actually in the context of a much broader discussion regarding the definition of "technology" - how certain types of knowledge is gradually made illegitimate, its practitioners invalidated, just because it is no longer compatible with the current concepts and notions of "modernity" and "science". But this warrants another separate, and definitely long, post.

So, I was saying, the subject of lunar planting was brought up. Personally, I had heard about the concept, but never looked deeply into it or properly researched it. Since I am reviving my spring garden, and having some plants (old and new) in need of potting-on, I thought I would check whether doing it at the time was inline with good lunar gardening practices. Seeing that we were in the last quarter, and that this phase of the moon is deemed particularly suitable for that kind of activity since root growth is promoted, I went ahead with the potting-on curious whether I would notice any different results than before (I had never observed the moon phase in any of my gardening activities).

The repotted plants do seem not to have lost as much of their sheen and vitality (if at all) as they usually do after this strenuous transition, but I am not sure how objective an observation that is and whether I am simply eager to see any results from this newly applied knowledge.

I have yet to sift through the wealth of material and sources I found online on the subject and to properly research it - I will probably want to share the useful information I find; but for now I am curios to know how novel or not lunar gardening is to you, do you plan your gardening activities around the moon phases? Would you? Take the poll below and see where others stand on the subject.